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The power of voice is often underestimated. And yet, the very voice, its quality, its timbre, its tonality, significantly affects the attention that is placed towards a message. There are several studies, in this regard, that show how the voice catalyzes about 40% of the attention towards a visual content, then if you talk about only vocal content, then you understand how important it is to have a quality service. The professional speakerage must actually be such, otherwise the result that will be obtained will never be satisfactory.

Speakeraggio Professionale
When we talk about professional speaker we mean a high quality service that allows the customer to choose from a wide range of professional speaker voices. Our employees respond perfectly to this description because they have been selected according to their timbre, age and skills.

Professional Speakerage

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What is the speakerage

The speakeray, from the English “speaker” (literally means the speaker), is an activity that consists in the recording of an voiceover, a narrator voice, accompanying images. To give an example of immediate understanding, just think of a TV commercial where you hear a voice describing the product or scene that is taking place.

This particular activity is exploited in many areas. The use of professional speakerage is so common that you often do not even notice. Corporate videos and videos, advertising, video guides, presentations, documentaries, scientific or technical videos, are all fields of application.

Do not confuse the speakeray with the voice over. Apparently they may look like two similar techniques, but the difference is clear. In the voice over, in fact, a voice overlaps with that in the original language. This is the case of an interview, let’s say in English, with the Italian translation being superimposed on the original voice. So you do not delete the vocal track in language, but it is left in the background with respect to the translation.

Professional speaker

We like quality jobs. We like to see the customer satisfied. We love our work and we do it with passion and that’s probably why we do it so well. But not only. We know how important it is to have capable and competent staff, so we have only professional speakers in our staff.

Of course, color is important, so we looked for interesting voices, with a tone that remains impressed, but we also wanted to give our customers the opportunity to choose the most suitable features for their project, such as an accent or a particular cadence.

Costs of the speakerage

Speakerage rates are variable and depend on several factors. Much depends on the quality of the service offered, the selected voice, the type of work, so whether it is texts to be dubbed or translated with the technique of voice over.

In short, the speakeraggio in German can have a different cost than the video speakeraggio in Italian. A detailed estimate can be made according to the project and the specific requests of the customer.

Don’t listen to the rumors, choose professionals!

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