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Finding the right words to describe the sound of a voice is a struggle that many come up against, and for good reason. The sound of a voice can seem almost indescribable: you know it when you hear it, but it goes beyond the limits of the human vocabulary.

That being said, when you’re looking to locate the perfect voice actor to make your project come to life, you should become trained in the best ways to verbally describe vocal tone, style of delivery, and a number of additional elements that comprise a strong vocal performance.

Fortunately, Sixtyseven makes it easy to find the perfect voice, by allowing you to browse as well as invite voice actors to audition based on specific vocal attributes. These vocal attribute descriptions include options for different roles, styles, accents, dialects, and languages, and equip you with the right words you need to describe the voice you’re looking for.

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We carefully vet and only work with professional voice actors who have proven commercial VO experience, so you’re guaranteed to receive perfect results every time!

We have native voice talent in every language and we cover every category & style so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match!All projects are delivered within a few hours. Larger projects may take longer. Contact us today!

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At Sixtyseven we are passionately dedicated to increasing and accelerating audience engagement with captivating voice acting.
Our vision is to empower content creators with unparalleled visibility and access to outstanding and affordable voice talent worldwide.
Nothing less than the highest quality representation.

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