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Voices for Audiobooks

Audiobooks are digital products that, instead of being read, should be listened to, with any device that supports them. In fact, instead of presenting themselves as simple texts printed on paper, they are recorded audio in which a narrator voice, usually called “speaker“, reads or narrates the content of the book itself.

Audiobooks are on sale online. One of the leading distributors is Amazon through the Audible service the world’s largest distributor of spoken audio content: “Not only novels, thrillers and great classics, but also podcasts and audio series,” Every year our voices create an important amount of new content including podcasts and original audiobooks of the highest quality, which customers will have at their disposal online at all times.”

There are three stages in the preparation of an audiobook: in the pre-production the text is analyzed to find out which is the most suitable voice for that specific story. It can happen that the protagonist of a novel is a man and that we choose a woman as narrator and vice versa. It is essential to determine what the age of the voice should be. There is no talk of age: there are adults who interpret children, to say. Once the narrator has decided to go to the production: he records in the room with a sound engineer alongside the actor. For particularly complex works, in which there are more than one narrating voices, the recording director, who coordinates the performers, takes over. Last step, post-production: the recording is listened to by more people and cleared of errors.”

Voices for Audiobooks

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